What you will learn with this eBook

  • Situation

    This is where we want to put our situation, such as "I want to be a famous musician without starving to death"

  • Possiblity

    This is dreaming ! What's the big thing you want to see come of this? Example - "I will bring my music to the world!"

  • Actions

    This might be the most familiar part. Here you are to list action vectors (video explains that term) and simply check them when you start and when your done. Simple!

  • Results and Renewal

    You can't continue the journey without charge in your battery. Write things that rejuvenate you and commit to doing them, espeically after completing an action.

  • Coaching

    Collect is simply the metric/measure you're going to use to see if you're progressing or not. If your not, who are you going to get coaching from?

  • Iteration

    Doing SPARCs every week will bring you closer to your goal or uncover new ones.

New thinking often requires new tools

“If you want to teach people a new way of thinking, don't bother trying to teach them. Instead, give them a tool, the use of which will lead to new ways of thinking.” - Buckminster Fuller

  • LifeSparcs Pocket Memobook - 20 weeks of SPARCs in a tiny package! This little fella is designed to fit into a pocket or purse. It'll keep your goals close wthout carrying around a heavy tome all the time.
  • LifeSparcs Stickypads - Don't like journaling? Or can't maintain one? Welcome to the club. The LifeSparcs sticky pads are a great alternative. Pop these sticky notes in front of your bathroom mirror or on your coffee maker. You'll see your SPARC every day with the determination to do at least one thing on the list. Go for it!

Tools for your Journey

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A word from the Author

Unlike many "coaches" out there, I'm not going to show you a garage of sports cars, a beautiful house, or flying in a personal jet. I live LifeSparcs every day. It's a proven system for regular people to deal with complex life by leveraging the same tools Fortune 100 companies use. Over the last four years, I've experimented endlessly with combining the best of the worlds of psychology, Agile software development, and Complexity Science. It's finally ready.

The idea came to me in a box store. I walked along the rows and rows of daily planners, week planners, and life planners, stacked twelve feet high. They work for some people, the person who has the discipline to structure their days and stick to it when times get rough. In my life as a professional coach for Fortune 100 companies, I've seen far more of the opposite.

People get hit from all angles in life, and its hard to stay focused. I realized is that there is a link between motivation, reflection, happiness, and accomplishment. Significant accomplishments come not to those who use planners 100% perfectly, but those who can stay focused. They find ways to renew themselves as they take steady action towards their authentic dreams.

The pursuit of happiness got you down? Prepare with LifeSparcs.

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