Because Life Is Complex ™

LifeSparc is a system for regular people like you and I to accomplish anything.

The idea came to me in a box store. I walked along the rows and rows of daily planners, week planners, and life planners, stacked twelve feet high. I used to feel intimidated, like those who use these planners were better in someway than I.

But then I wondered - is a day planner the right tool to pursue happiness?


Day planners are mostly lists of things we are compelled to do by others, leaving nothing to ourselves. We go through life checking these lists off, and like the famous Whack-a-Mole game, the problems and mundane tasks still fill up the next day, week, month, and year. I realized is that there is a link between motivation, reflection, happiness, and accomplishment. Big accomplishments come not to those who use planners 100% perfectly, but those who can simply stay focused and find ways to renew themselves as they take steady action towards their true dreams.

To get a sense of the process, you can try LifeSparcs for free! Simply subscribe to our mailing list and I'll send you the free template and full instructions.

The best way to stay on track is to have your list with you! Introducing the LifeSparc Memobook. It is the best way to follow your dreams since it is always with you. Using a minimalist approach, the LifeSparcs memobook is pocket and purse friendly. It was a great learning to me when I started taking this everywhere. I was able to review and track my actions more often, and I found my pace accellerating through them. This book is 48 pages, and should last you about half a year.

Whether or not you're using the free template or the memobook, we'd like to hear from you. Please subscribe below or check any of the social media above.


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Here's How to use LifeSparcs

Dreams, Goals,and Musings: What is your big dream? What is the world stopping you from accomplishing? Now, lets get writing!

  • Situation - This is where we want to put our situation, such as "I want to be a famous musician without starving to death"

  • Possibility - This is dreaming ! What's the big thing you want to see come of this? Example - "I will bring my music to the world!"

  • Action - This might be the most familiar part. Here you are to list action vectors (video explains that term) and simply check them when you start and when your done. Simple!

  • Review & Renew - this is the gas station, time to refuel. List here some of the things you find rejuvenating and do those things after you accomplish some of your actions. Example: I love candy corn so I'm going to eat 10 of them every time I finish one of these items. (warning, this might violate your losing weight LifeSparc. :) In addition, this is the time where you look at the action vectors you didn't get done out of week 1 and re-prioritize and fill in week 2. Maybe some of those action vectors were too aggressive. Right size those actions and have at it!

  • Collect and Coach - Collect is simply the metric/measure you're going to use to see if you're progressing or not. It could be pounds lost for a weight loss related LifeSparc, but a better metric might be visits to the gym, since those are more under your control. Coaching is the term I'm using in its broadest sense. Maybe its your sister who has a spare ear to listen, or a real coach that has expertise in what you're trying to accomplish. The point here - feedback is necessary, especially when the going gets tough.

We Need Your Story

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